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At J&S Aviation and Avionics Services, we're a dedicated team passionate about delivering top-notch aviation services. With expertise and commitment, we ensure the highest standards in aircraft maintenance. Our goal is simple: provide meticulous care for your aircraft, guaranteeing safety and peak performance. With us, expect reliable solutions that cater to your aviation needs. Discover the faces driving excellence in your aviation maintenance experience.

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Meet Our Team Of Aviation Experts

Jeff Owner

Jeff Williams

Meet Jeff Williams, the owner and operator leading J&S Aviation and Avionics Services with an exceptional track record spanning over 30 years in the aviation industry. Jeff is a lifetime member of ABS and EAA, boasting certifications in ABS Maintenance Academy, Pitot-static, Transponder, and ADS-B testing and inspection. His background in aircraft maintenance is the foundation for his endeavors as the owner of J&S Aviation and Avionics Services. 

Glen S

Glen Stragey

Working hand in hand with Jeff is Glen Stragey, our versatile expert responsible for all our powder coating. Glen is an A&P certified technician, trained by the American Bonanza Society, bringing precision and skill to every aircraft maintenance and repair project he is a part of.

Dayton Kempt emp pic

Dayton Kempt

Specializing in avionics, we have Dayton Kempt, an A&P certified, American Bonanza Society trained technician proficient in Pitot-Static, Transponder & ADS-B testing and inspection. His expertise ensures comprehensive aircraft maintenance and seamless integration and functionality of your aircraft's avionic systems.


Cade Wurm

Cade Wurm takes charge of inspections and airframe modifications at J&S Aviation and Avionics Services. An A&P-certified, American Bonanza Society-trained technician, Cade brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring your aircraft meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

Glen B

Glen B

He is an A&P with an Inspection Authorization. A commericial pilot instructor CFI with 24k tail wheel experience. He ran his own maintenance shop from 97-2022, He joined our team in fall
of 2022.

Precision Aviation Mastery

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your aircraft stays in prime condition, providing reliable and comprehensive solutions for all your aviation needs.